9 Best Financial Planning Blogs/Bloggers to Follow on Twitter (2019)

9 personal finance bloggers to follow

Twitter these days has become crowded, repetitive, boring and argumentative.

Follow a celebrity or a star, and you won’t benefit much, except for few bouts of free entertainment.

But follow a top personal financial planning blogger and you can benefit immensely (and most of the times financially) from their knowledge and expertise.

All you need is to know where to look for.

Today, I will make the choice easy for you.

Below, I am highlighting 9 Twitter profiles which you should follow to learn about financial planning discipline, healthy money habits, disciplined investing, intelligent saving and income growth techniques.

#1 Subramoney (@pvsubramanyam)

If you are serious about learning good personal financial habits, this is one Twitter profile you can’t afford to miss.

Mr. Subramanyam, who also runs a personal finance blog by the name of Subramoney, was into financial services industry before he switched to the financial training profession 18 years ago.

best personal finance blog_subramanyam

While he train employees of mutual fund companies, banks and brokerage houses, he writes his heart out on his personal blog.

I have been following him for 5 years now and my day is incomplete without reading his blog and getting my daily financial dose.

If you want to learn about discipline, value investing and healthy financial habits, follow him right away.


#2 Monika Halan (@monikahalan)

Monika Halan is the editor at Mint Money and writes extensively on financial literacy, regulation and consumer issues in retail finance.

best personal finance blogger_Monika Halan

In addition to her media career, she is part of multiple finance committees and task forces set up by Govt. of India.

She is one personal who knows the on ground challenges faced by the retail consumer when he avails financial services, and I find her writings highlighting the same.

You can find a collection of all her writings on her blog.


#3 JagoInvestor (@jagoinvestor_)

JagoInvestor is probably one of the companies that is revolutionizing the field of personal financial planning in India.

I have been following the JagoInvestor blog for some time now and I am impressed with the to-the-point advise that their authors offer.

Best Financial Planning Blogs Jagoinvestor

In fact, recently I availed their paid financial planning services and I was super impressed with their unbiased, objective and data driven advise on my portfolio (read my detailed review of Jago Investor’s personal financial planning services that I availed in April 2018).

My advise is that if you are starting up with your financial learning, do follow Jago Investor since they cover everything, right from saving to investing to mutual funds to insurance, and beyond.

[PLEASE NOTE: I was so impressed with their financial planning services that I requested them to offer an exclusive deal to the readers of my blog. Luckily, they agreed to offer their financial planning services package to my readers at an all inclusive rate of 6999. This service is otherwise priced at INR 10,000 + GST. You can avail the service by clicking here.

As part of the deal, they have also included a FREE one hour financial consultation session before you pay them anything. My suggestion is to at least avail their free consultation session and experience the value they can add in your financial life.]


#4 Pardeep Goyal (@pardeepg)

Pardeep runs a financial blog by the name of CashOverflow where he talks about some cool money hacks.

Pardeep believes in financial independence and stories on his blog are an inspiration to read. All his writings are derived from his personal experience and I am sure you will enjoy reading about his life as an entrepreneur, and now as a full time blogger.

Top Personal finance blogger PardeepGoyal

The beauty of his blog is that he not just writes about money saving tips but also writes on income enhancement techniques.

I have been following his blog for an year now and he has been my inspiration behind starting this blog.

My approach to life, career and money resonate a lot with his, and that’s when I decided to start sharing my money stories with online readers.

Thanks Pardeep 😊


#5 Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk)

He is an investor and author of the book “The Thoughtful Investor”.

His Tweets are full of simple and plain advise on value investing. If you are philosophical in nature, you will love him even more.

I would let his tweets do the talking than me writing about his expertise.

Top Investment blogger BasantMaheshwari


#6 Kuvera (@KuveraBlog)

Let me make a confession here, I started following Kuvera just a month back.

However, I find their tweets and blog posts very motivating and insightful. They are doing some great work in educating the users on the benefits of mutual fund investing and they regularly write on the topics of portfolio management, goal creation and mutual funds.

Personal finance blog_Kuvera

In fact, they also run an online platform where one can invest in direct plans of mutual fund schemes for free. Read my detailed review of Kuvera’s direct mutual fund online platform.


#7 Basu Nivesh (@BasuNivesh)

Basavraj Tonagatti is the brain behind the blog Basu Nivesh.

I find his personal finance blog extremely useful for someone who is already into saving and investing. Basu shares very useful tips around stocks, mutual funds, insurances and other financial instruments.

Top rated financial planning blogger_BasuNivesh

You will get to know the working and performance of latest fads in the markets like NPS, LTCG impact, PMAY, tax saving options etc.

He is a prolific writer and this is one blog you should follow if you want to remain updated with the latest in the retail finance market.


#8 Aparna (@ElementumMoney)

Aparna runs her personal finance blog by the name of Elementum Money where she writes about basics of financial planning and simple money matters.

Best Financial Planning Blogs ElementumMoney

While her target audience seems to be the working women, I find her posts equally applicable to working men. So irrespective of your gender, feel safe to follow her.

In particular, I like the book review section on her blog where she talks about her recent reads.


#9 Tushar Jain (@_jTushar)

With an investing experience of 10 years, marketing experience of 5 years and building 2 passive income sources in 3 years, yours truly has started writing all his experiences in this blog.

Best financial planning blog_jaintushar.com

I sincerely feel that there is a serious lack of financial literacy in our generation. We are moving towards mindless consumption where as the need of today is conservation and preservation.

While it’s important for us to earn, it’s equally important to learn how to spend, save and invest.

My writing is not just focused on financial planning but on life planning.

Tushar Jain

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Tushar Jain is a personal finance enthusiast who loves to talk about money, savings, investments and spending. He blogs about financial wisdom and income growth habits at this blog jaintushar.com. Contact him to say Hi.
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  1. Ahh….its quite surprising I didn’t got this gem like post anywhere.

    The out of box list of best people in the industry.

    Very very thanks for this post.

    Joined all of them on twitter including you 🙂

  2. A very good concise summary. I feel that this list should include Sanjai Matthai of wealth Architects too as he is very unbiased, highly qualified and a professional in this field and has authored many books.

  3. Thank you for such provoking blogs on twitter for Financial planning. This really gives a broad understanding about how one should approach this sector and bring qualitative results.

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