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Successful Financial Habits to Ace in 2019

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As we dawn upon 2018, I was wondering what I should write as my last post for the year.

I wanted to make it simple, easy to read and no technical gyaan; without losing even an iota on the value that you derive from it.

Towards that, I think it’s best to leave you with few thoughts around behavioral finance & successful money habits.

If you have anything else to add to this list, don’t forget to write it as a comment below.

Successful financial habits to inculcate in 2019

– Start by becoming humble. Consume to enjoy, not to show off.

– Live below your means.

– Practice delayed gratification. Say no to your (costly) impulses. Cost is not just from financial perspective but from health perspective as well.

– Get into a habit of paying yourself first. Save first and spend from the rest.

– Make sure you avoid the costly debt traps. That means pay your credit card bills before time and avoid revolving credit. If there is a financial emergency, better take a personal loan and pay it back aggressively.

– Follow stocks and not the price movements. If the business is strong, the stock price will eventually follow.

– Don’t get obsessed with your initial success. True success happens when you deliver results time and again.

– Admit your mistake and don’t forget to learn from them.

– Have patience but also learn to cut your loss. Sell your mistakes but be careful about not to sell in a panic mode.

– If you are not an expert, don’t take short term bets and avoid share trading at all cost.

– Filter information from noise and try to minimize the noise in your life. Listen to experts on TV but don’t follow them religiously.

– Always keep your investments simple. That means if you are not an expert, stick to FDs/RDs/PPF & mutual funds. These may not be the best options given your scenario but they are good enough to keep you afloat.

– Focus on income generation habits. Job security is a myth in today’s time. Build a source of extra income for the ‘just in case’ scenario.

– Focus on action. A small step on ground is better than a grand plan but only on a PowerPoint.

– Be ready to pay for financial advice. Everything has a cost attached to it (including the free advice).

– Have dedicated screen free time for yourself every day. Focus on activities that help you in self-improvement. Focus on deep work.

– Own your life. Be responsible for things that happen to you (and things that don’t).

– Don’t be a football of other people’s opinion. Don’t be trapped in how they judge you. Be bold and live life as you would want it to be.


While you may not be in a position to follow some of these activities religiously, be aware of where you need/want to be.

Only if you are aware of your end goal, you can take action.

Make 2019 the year of action.

Happy New Year.


My writing focus in 2019 is going to be on the theme of behavioral finance and I am planning to post more around the following topics.

  • Awareness around successful financial behaviors
  • How to build sources of extra income
  • Reviewing the best financial products available in the market

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