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9 Reasons Why I Just Love Kuvera

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If you are looking for a detailed Kuvera review, you have landed on the right page.

In this post, I have highlighted the key benefits of the Kuvera platform.

If you align with my reasons, I would strongly suggest you to try out Kuvera before you make a final decision.

With so many free online direct mutual fund portals to choose from, I have finally settled with Kuvera as my preferred platform .

[Read my earlier post where I talked about my approach to finding the best online mutual fund platform in India in 2019].

Earlier, I was on ICICI Direct and was paying dual commission: directly in form of platform fees and indirectly in form of a percentage of the NAVs.

With Kuvera, the cost of investment in mutual funds has reduced significantly.

Overall it has been a great experience investing via Kuvera and this review is based on my experience with the platform.

Key benefits of Kuvera:-

1. Highly responsive customer support

This is probably the prime reason why I will keep sticking to Kuvera.

Imagine a situation when money moves from your bank account but doesn’t reach the AMC.

You need a helping hand to look into your issue and move you towards a solution.

And this is where Kuvera is exceptional.

While Kuvera offers support only via email, good news is that these folks are solution oriented and offer you crisp & action oriented advise.

I have contacted their support 4 times till now and every time they have impressed me with their helping attitude and swift response.

See one of my email exchange with their customer support executives and decide for yourself.

Review of Kuvera Mutual fund platform Customer Support_1
I raised a customer support ticket on 22nd July (Sunday)


Kuvera Review of Customer Support_2
Received a response within 12 hours.


Kuvera review_Customer Support_3

Issue resolved within 48 hours


2. Clean and easy to use Interface

Their user interface on web is uncluttered and easy to use.

The customer on boarding screens and sign up process is well designed and clearly defined.

This helps you complete all the formalities without much hassle.

Here is a grab of their first screen after signup.

Graphic interface of Kuvera

Graphic interface of Kuvera


3. 100% free to use

Earlier, Kuvera used to charge for mutual fund investments but in July 2017, they made the platform 100% free.

I haven’t been levied any hidden fee or charges till date.

Be it SIPs, selling funds, switching funds or importing the portfolio, everything is free.

Recently, they have started selling term insurance and financial planning services.

I assume the idea is to offer ancillary services for free while the core offering remains free forever.

Here’s an excerpt from their website that talks about how Kuvera makes money:-

Is Kuvera free

As mentioned on Kuvera’s website, it’s a 100% free to use platform.
→ Try Kuvera for FREE ←

4. Gamification elements

Kuvera is quite an engaging platform and is fun to use.

That’s because you can create goals, track their percentage completion, invite friends to the platform and earn ‘coins’ which you can use to unlock features within Kuvera, and so on.

Every time I login to Kuvera, I find something that challenges me and motivates me to invest more in mutual funds.

5. Import existing portfolio

They offer a very simple screen wherein you just need to enter your email ID and your Consolidated Account Statement is generated for all your fund investments linked to that particular email ID.

Kuvera automatically reads the CAS and maps all your investments inside your Kuvera Dashboard.

Using this option, you get a control to manage all your mutual fund investments right within Kuvera.

To switch your regular mutual fund investments to direct mutual funds, you need to use the Smart Switch option discussed in the next section.

How to import mutual fund portfolio in Kuvera

How to import mutual fund portfolio in Kuvera?


6. One click switch of existing portfolio to direct funds

Once you have your mutual fund folios within Kuvera, you have an option to switch to direct mutual fund schemes.

The way it happens is that Kuvera sells (on your behalf) the regular mutual fund units and buys units in a direct fund with the same amount.

When you import your portfolio, Kuvera shows only the equity fund units which are more than 365 days old and non-equity fund units which are more than 3 years old.

This ensures you won’t be falling within the ambit of short term capital gains while you purge your regular fund and switch to a direct one.

Here’s a grab of the said screen.

How to switch to direct mutual funds on Kuvera

How to switch to direct mutual funds on Kuvera


7. Goal planning options

There is an option within Kuvera using which you can create life goals and assign mutual fund investments to each goal.

These goals can be across categories like owning a home, saving tax, planning for vacation or something custom/unique to your needs.

In a single snapshot, you can view not just your investments but also the percentage goal completion.

This single feature helps you stay focused and motivated with you mutual fund investments

How to add goals in Kuvera

How to add goals in Kuvera


8. Manage family accounts

Recently Kuvera came up with a feature wherein you can manage the portfolio of a family member, on their behalf. This feature is termed as family account and lets you manage multiple accounts within the ambit of a single account.

That means that while everything still stays separate, you don’t need to login and logout to access your other account.

You just switch between the accounts.

9. Large coverage

At present, Kuvera supports investment options across more than 35 AMCs.

That’s more than 90% of the mutual fund AMCs. This means you don’t need to explore other platforms since you will be offered most of the funds on Kuvera.

→ Try Kuvera for FREE ←

Improvement Areas:-

Nothing in this world is perfect and so is the case with Kuvera.

There are few areas where I think Kuvera needs to pay attention to. These are not glaring issues but definitely a step towards increasing the stickiness of the app.

1.Better UI on mobile platform

While the web UI works perfectly fine, there are lot of user complaints about Kuvera’s primitive UI on the Android App Platform.

I use Kuvera only on web so I don’t have this complaint but I can understand that it’s not that perfect an experience for mobile users.

And with more than 60% of internet traffic now days coming via mobile, this is one thing which Kuvera needs to fix urgently.


2.Better dashboard

I think their dashboard and some of the metrics can be made better.

For example, Kuvera shows the life goals and their percentage completion on the dashboard but doesn’t show the mutual funds allocated to a particular goal.

A person needs to go into the detailed portfolio and look out for all the funds tagged to a specific goal, which in my opinion can be made better.


3.Telephonic customer support

While Kuvera offers an exceptional customer support over email, I think they should consider a voice/chat based customer support soon.

Few people may want to talk to a human to get their queries resolved and a call based customer support will be helpful for them.

May be, a call based support can be offered as a paid service and may open up a channel of revenue for Kuvera (just like what Airtel used to do few years back).



Overall, I find Kuvera as a great online platform to invest in mutual funds.

Please note that I am not claiming Kuvera to be the best platform to invest in direct mutual funds.

I would request you to do your research and find your comfort factors before you zero down with a particular mutual fund portal.

In case you find this review helpful and plan to sign up for Kuvera, don’t forget to use my referral code ‘TJAIN’ while registering.

Both of us will earn coins which you can use to unlock features on Kuvera.

You can also refer the detailed post on how to signup on Kuvera for Free.

So which platform are you using to invest in Direct Mutual funds?

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9 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Just Love Kuvera”

  1. As kuvera has mentioned supported banks list,in that list i dont see my bank’s name so if i sign up will i be able to add my bank or should i opt another app ,any suggestion ?

  2. Hi admin,
    Did you investing based on kuvera recommended funds or your own choices.
    How do you feel their recommendation of funds. Most of them are Index based funds.
    Secondly, i am not comfortable with Asset allocation suggested by Robo. Its some thing like 80:20 (Equity:Debt) for long term goals. Its seems to be aggressive for even a person like me to go with conservative allocation of 60:40. Can you please share your input on this allocation.

    • Hi
      I don’t consider recommendations from Kuvera. It was same while I was with ICICI Direct. I used to research on my own and then select funds. however, in 2018, I got my portfolio reviewed from Jagoinvestor. Check under the reviews Tab to know more about my experience with them.

      On the allocation front, I would suggest that consider Robo advisory as a guideline but follow what makes you comfortable. As Warren Buffett once said, there is no point in trading your sleep for few percentage points of extra returns. For a larger goal, yes your allocation to equity should be high. If you are a conservative investor, even 20% is high for you. If you are a risk taker, even 60% is low. So go as per your risk appetite and your ability to handle uncertainty without losing sanity 😉

  3. I really wonder why Kuvera has such a primitive analysis set up. They literally have nothing but a graph comparing the index and the regular fund and call it “leading”. Look at Oro Wealth and Invezta and the fund compare tools are miles ahead. To be honest, Kuvera us running ahead like crazy, majorly because it is ostensibly free. But features wise, it has a long way to go. Also, on their FB page, they tend to be very cavalierly dismissive if anyone brings up these issues. With a rather mocking tone, you get the claim past performance doest really matter, so these features are misleading. Well, why don’t you leave the interpretation of the results to your customers and get out of the way then? Indeed if you wish to avoid a moral hazard, don’t offer any active funds at all as past performance is useless and only index investing is the way forward.

  4. One thing that drew me to Kuvera was the option for managing family accounts from single login. I dont know of any other free direct Mutual Fund Platforms providing this feature. I have been using Kuvera for the past 4 months and find it to be a breeze. On the mobile app front you mentioned that the interface is very primitive. I am on iOS and find it to be on par with the web interface.
    The only challenge I face in using the Kuvera Platform is the requirement to provide the signature using trackpad, which they intend to keep it on file inspite on me providing the CKYC id. I would like to see them come up alternate mechanism to collect the signature.

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