How to sign up for Kuvera & earn 100 extra coins

Kuvera is one of the best online direct mutual fund platforms.

Best part is that it’s 100% free.

If you are still undecided which platform to choose for your mutual fund needs, I would suggest you to give Kuvera atleast a try.

I have been using it since April 2018 and I am super satisfied with the service.

In this post, I will guide you on how to signup for Kuvera in just under 10 minutes.

Here are the steps you need to take:-

Step #1: Sign up for Kuvera

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Kuvera Home Page


Step #2:Key in the personal details

Provide your full name, mobile number, email ID and referral code.

Kuvera Signup Page


Step #3:Complete KYC & Bank Mandate

You have now successfully signed up for Kuvera.

However, you still need to complete 2 important actions before you can start investing : KYC check and Bank Mandate completion.

Let’s start with KYC first.

Click on the KYC completion button as shown below.

You will see this as the first button as soon as you have signed up.

Kuvera KYC Compliance Page

You will need to offer 3 details: your PAN number, your date of birth and your mobile number. Your PAN and DOB should be the same as that in your PAN Card, whereas your mobile number can be the current number that is in use.

If your KYC information doesn’t match with that of the Govt. records, you would be prompted to visit a 3rd party link for becoming KYC compliant.

Kuvera non KYC error message

As soon as your KYC is successful, your account is fully activated and ready to use.

Next, you now need to setup a Bank Mandate before you can start investing.

Below text from the help section of Kuvera highlights what to do when setting up a bank mandate.

How to set bank mandate in Kuvera

How to add Billers in Kuvera app

Please note that Bank Mandate doesn’t mean that the amount deducts from your bank account.

It’s just a safety measure to ensure that no deduction above the bank mandate happens from your account.

Consider it like a daily limit on your ATM card.

What is bank mandate meaning in Kuvera mutual fund platform

Your bank will take 7 days to approve the mandate.

Once approved, your setup is complete and you can now start investing via SIP or lumpsum on Kuvera.

Closing remark

Many people still don’t believe that Kuvera is free and assume that there must be some hidden charges.

Let me assure you that’s not the case.

I have been using it as a 100% free platform without paying any commissions or fees.

Kuvera’s help section also clarifies the same as shown below.


Is kuvera free

What are you waiting for?

Kuvera is a great product to invest in Direct mutual funds and is 100% free.

Sign up today and experience it yourself (and get extra 200 coins).

You can also read my detailed Kuvera review before signing up.

Happy Investing