Book Review -Nikola Tesla

Book Review: Nikola Tesla – Imagination and The Man who Invented 20th Century

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I have always been intrigued by the greatness and forward thinking of Nikola Tesla and have been looking forward to know more about his life and inventions since long.

Recently, I got a chance to go through the book titled “Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man that Invented 20th Century“ by Sean Patrick.

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This book takes you through the life journey of Nikola Tesla and talks about his experiments and imagination.

You will be introduced to the greatness of Nikola Tesla – the greatness of his designs, the greatness of his inventions and the greatness of his imagination.

The power of his imagination literally brought light to the world and enabled him to invent machines that were way ahead of their time.

In all, a recommended read from my end, especially if you are intrigued to learn more about the life of achievers.

Throughout this book, the author makes some very important commentary that highlights the approach of Tesla towards life and creativity.

In this book review today, I am quoting those commentaries which were a part of this book review. These are deep and lovely thoughts and I just loved them, and I am sure you would too.

And don’t forget to comment about your favorite thought from the list below.

The seed of greatness exists in every human being. Whether it sprouts or not is our choice. Click To Tweet Opportunities are whispers, not foghorns. Click To Tweet Do we need a call to conformity, or call to adventure? Click To Tweet Deep down we don’t seek the meaning of life, but the experience of being alive. And that’s what the nature of genius is all about. Click To Tweet The more visionary the work, the less likely it is to be quickly understood and embraced by lesser minds. Click To Tweet Imagination is more important than knowledge. Click To Tweet Person’s life is dyed with the color of his imagination. Click To Tweet The more material you are exposed to in the world, the more grist you’ll have for your imagination mill. Click To Tweet The more varied your knowledge and experiences are, the more likely you are able to create new associations and fresh ideas. Click To Tweet It takes curiosity to find your call to adventure; it takes courage to venture into the unknown. Click To Tweet You can’t legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. Click To Tweet What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Click To Tweet You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Click To Tweet


This book is available for FREE on Kindle. Get it here.

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