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Audible Review 2019: Best App for Audiobooks

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Do you want to read more often but not able to find enough time?

Do you know that you can now listen to books instead of reading them?

Yes, that’s possible with Audible, an Amazon company.

While Amazon is the largest seller of physical books in the world today, it is extending the same vision to audiobooks with Audible.

Audible produces and sells the audio versions of thousands of popular books across multiple genres.

Audible launched in India in Nov 2018 and has been on a roll since then.

They started with just a couple of titles but now have a library covering plethora of genres and multitude of celebrated authors.

Categories available in Audible India
More than 200,000 books across multiple categories are available

When I first got to know about Audible, I was skeptic to opt for it since I thought listening to a book won’t be as enjoyable as reading it.

I was wrong.


Read my detailed Audible review below and you will understand why I find Audible as completely worth the money.

How does Audible work in India?

Audible India App ScreenYou need to download the Audible app (from Play Store or App Store) and sign up for a free trial.

You would be asked for the payment details and a minor amount (something like 2 Rs) would be charged to authenticate your payment method.

At the end of the free trial period, you will be charged for the monthly subscription.

However, you can also cancel it before the trial ends, without any charge to you.

Every month, you get 1 credit in your account that you can use to buy any audiobook available on Audible, irrespective of its price.

If you have used your credit and want to buy an additional book, you can always pay for it.


Audible India subscription fee?

Audible India Subscription Plan

Audible free trial is available in India for a period of 30 days.

If you are a Prime member, this free trial gets extended to 90 days.

You will get 1 credit per month. That means you can buy 1 book free of cost if you are a normal subscriber and 3 books if you are a Prime subscriber.

Once the free trial ends, you will be charged INR 199 each month as a subscription fee and will get 1 credit to use every month.

You own the books you buy on Audible even if you cancel your subscription later. You can listen to the already purchased book anytime you like.


How is Audible different from Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited?

Unlike Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited, Audible is not an unlimited subscription service.

With Audible, you get only 1 credit per month as part of your subscription which can be exchanged for any book of your choice.

For additional audiobooks, you need to buy them from the store at the listed price.

This is not the case with Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited where you can watch as many movies or download as many books as you want, without making any additional payment.


8 top reasons why to subscribe to Audible membership in India

#1 For the love of reading (and now listening)

If you are a chronic book reader, you are going to love Audible for sure.

It’s because it gives you access to your books even when you are driving, commuting, running or just lazing around.

You can, in fact, move all the light reading to Audible and can hold back to physical books/Kindle for heavy topics.

That’s what I do.


#2 For the lethargy of not reading enough

If you are not a habitual reader, Audible is definitely for you.

Listening to books is an altogether different experience than reading them.

If books put you to sleep, Audible will wake you up.

Try categories like fiction (to start with) and you will definitely love the experience.


#3 For the affordability that Audible offers

The subscription price of Rs. 199 per month is highly reasonable, given that you can buy 1 book irrespective of its list price.

And you can keep that book forever with you.

If you don’t like the book, you can relinquish the book and go for another one.

If you were to buy a physical book, you will definitely end up paying way higher than Rs. 199 for most of the titles.


#4 For the wide range and variety available on Audible India

Right now, there are more than 200,000 titles available on Audible.

And with Amazon focusing big time on Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), the availability of the titles will grow with time.


#5 For the easy exchange feature

As I mentioned above, unlike Kindle, you are not stuck with the book if you don’t like it.

You can exchange it right away or after going through it and get a new title with your single credit.


#6 For the free trial offer

The free trial offer by Audible is a deal breaker.

And for Prime Subscribers, it’s a steal.

You can explore the ins and outs of the Audible app and decide whether you want to continue or cancel your subscription.

It’s 100% risk-free and non-obligatory.


#7 You can keep the books you buy on Audible

Even if you cancel your subscription, the books you have already purchased using your monthly credit are yours to keep.

No strings attached.

You can listen to them anytime in the future even if you have canceled your subscription, but only via the Audible app.


#8 For the simplicity of the Audible app

The user experience of the app is quite minimalist and intuitive.

The app has only the most essential features available, without compromising on the flexibility offered to the end user.

Two of my favorite features include the drive mode and the sleep timer. Won’t talk more about the features, I would suggest you explore them yourself.


Suggested Audible books to try


3 probable reasons why not to subscribe to Audible membership

#1 If you anticipate yourself to be a heavy listener

As long as you are listening to one book at a time, you will love Audible.

But if you want to listen to multiple books at a time or want to retain the audiobook in your account, Audible will turn out to be costly for you since you would need to buy the additional audio books at their list price.


#2 If you are not comfortable listening to books

I have a few friends who hate the concept of audiobooks. They feel as if they are cheating the physical books.

If you are in that category and find the idea of listening to books stupid and absurd, you should stay away from Audible.

While Audible App gives you the features to bookmark & add notes, the experience can never be similar to that of a physical book.


#3 If you have enough time to read physical books

Audiobooks can never replace physical books.

If you have enough time at your disposal, always go for the physical book.

But if you happen to be in situations where you will have some idle time that always goes waste (like commuting to work), you should make full use of your time.

Audible helps you with that.


Few Insider Tips

#1 Buy lengthy books

Frankly, I don’t find enough motivation to read lengthy titles.

However, the opposite is true for Audiobooks. The longer the duration of the book is, the more value you are deriving from your Audible subscription.

After all, your RoI metric is listening hours available per rupee paid.

In fact, you can find a lot of celebrated titles extending over 10+ hours. These are always my first choice on Audible.


#2 Cancel your subscription when you are not using it

If you know you won’t be using Audible much or will take more than a month to complete an audiobook, cancel your subscription.

You won’t lose the books and you can keep listening to them.

You can always renew the subscription as and when you want with zero impact on your previously purchased titles.


#3 Exchange your credits

If you don’t like a book, don’t hesitate to get it exchanged with another book.

You can do it as many time as you like within a month. Use this feature to the fullest.


Verdict on Audible

I have been using Audible for 3 months now and I am definitely going to continue my subscription.

My plan is to keep all the heavyweights (that include self-help and personal finance books in specific niches) in physical format and shifting the light reading to Audible.

That includes biographies and fiction genres.

If you still haven’t tried Audible, my suggestion would be to give it a try at least once, especially when the trial is 100% free.

There is a high probability that you will love the experience.

And don’t forget to mention in comments below your first Audible book that you have listened to.

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