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Also, this is not a mutual fund or stock advice forum, so please refrain from asking the typical “best stock to invest in” type of questions.

Also note: The articles on this blog and my suggestions below by no means represent professional financial advice. These are based on my personal experiences. If you are not sure of a financial decision, please consult a professional financial planner. You can check out the services of Jago Investor.

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  1. Hi, I am a newbie in Investment as this is my first time. I had my own research for choosing mutual fund platform and MF plan. And decided to go with Grow and Kuvera. While registration, it says “Applicant is not KYC verified”. How do i complete the KYC offline? I click on online link which leads to page and there too i can just get the eKYC status as well i heard if doing ekyc then 50,000 is the maximum amount can be invested annually. Please suggest and correct.

  2. Sir I am chartered Accountancy student and deeply interested in finance. I want to do internship with you.I am in Chandigarh.It will be kind of you if you give me an opportunity.

  3. Hello Tushar,

    I must congratulate you for the thorough research and analysis that you share with us.
    I have been investing in MF via SIP (a few lump-some also) from 2017, I am 29 right now. I need someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to manage my portfolio. As of now I am investing in Growth MF and I want to make a switch to DIRECT MFs, also I am investing via my bank portal but would prefer something like Kuvera. Also most advisers, try to sell me their product. I don’t mind paying the consultation fee, but I need an honest and unbiased feedback, as right now my portfolio is bleeding. I have long term investment plan (~10years) and hence I am looking for professional and honest services. Also someone who could help me in managing my insurance/retirement schemes also, though that is not the primary objective for me.

    Could you please suggest me?

    Thanks in advance for your time on this.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Satyam
      Thanks for the feedback.

      I am glad that you are realizing the value of financial advise. Most of us look for free advise without realizing that there’s nothing free in this world.

      Having said that, my suggestion would be to explore the services of an independent financial planner like JagoInvestor (

      I have been a subscriber to their services for almost an year now and find it very objective, actionable and to the point.

      Try their free consultation first and only if you are comfortable, opt for the paid package.

      And if you go through the URL I have mentioned on the top, you will get 10% off on the plans as well.

      Before I close, my two cents:-
      – go for an independent financial planner i.e. the one who has no interest in selling you nonsense stuff
      – pay a flat fee for the service instead of a percentage of assets

  4. Hi Tushar

    I have couple of questions, if you can help me with please.

    1) I have read your blog reviewing various platforms for investing in Direct MFs. However I wanted to ask if there is any free platform which can be used to :
    a) Invest in Direct MFs
    b) View & automatically track the existing Direct MFs currently on CAMS/Karvy etc.
    c) Capture & Track Life, Health Insurances etc.

    2) I have been planning to avail Personal Financial Planning services and short listed JagoInvestor as one of the options. Can you please help me with below
    a) If Jagoinvestor is SEBI registered for financial planning?
    b) Any other Fee based options that you would like to suggest?


    • Hi Atul
      Regarding Point #1
      Most of the platforms I have covered will let you import your Direct & Regular Mutual fund portfolio. I am on Kuvera and have tried that. Have also tried that on PaisaBazaar as well. Please note that you are not investing money in CAMs/Karvy/Kuvera etc but directly with the AMC. For e.g. Kuvera asks for your permission to generated CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) and then shows it in their dashboard.
      I am not too sure about tracking & capturing insurance part, though Kuvera offers insurance on their platform but I dont see any option of tracking.

      Regarding Point #2
      a) I am not sure on this. Let me check with my account manager.
      b) I have heard of Hemant Beniwal (from TFL) and Baswaraj T. Whoever you choice, I would suggest that you chose based on fixed fee than the percentage of assets they will handle.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Tushar,

    I find your articles very interesting & helpful..

    I too am a very happy Kuvera client since Aug 2018…

    I recd a mail from them today (as produced below)
    Quote :

    Thank you for initiating your account set-up on Kuvera.

    We have received a request to update your signature in your investment account with us from CAMS serviced AMCs. This is a mandatory requirement and the AMC back-office can reject transaction requests without your updated signature.

    Please click on the link below to update your signature online for


    I wanted to know :
    1. Have you too received such a mail from them ?
    2. Is it safe to give a blank sign online esp. with so many frauds on the rise each day ?

    Best Wishes
    DS Narula

    • Dear Mr. Narula

      Thank you for the appreciation. I haven’t received any such email from Kuvera. I agree with your point, it’s risky to provide the signatures and you should be thoughtful. I would suggest you reach out to their support and ask for more details.

      Financial institutes generally ask for KYC updation, not too sure about the signature. I think as a precaution, you can provide your PAN card and ask them to refer to the signature over there.


      • Thank you Tushar ji… I had sent support a mail & I received the foll. reply from them..

        1. My Email to them :
        This is ridiculous…Where is the CAMS request letter….?
        Pls attach it with your email….
        In this day when everyone’s systems are being hacked.. How are we to even trust an email like this asking for a blank signature..?
        While I’m very happy with your systems… Your lack of a phone helpline is a big problem…
        Other direct sites are offering a help line for immediate resolution to queries..
        Even your email queries are replied to very late
        Awaiting your immediate reply…

        2. Their Reply :
        Thanks for your message.
        This is as per the requirement of the fund house(s) serviced by CAMs. There are around 14 AMCs serviced by CAMS.
        We recently noticed a few order reversals from these fund houses and the specified reason provided is that if you need to ever submit a physical request[in-writing] for redemption or for any changes to your Folio(s) such as address change etc, CAMs would need to have your signature on record with them. We can retrieve this data from the Centralized KYC database and share it with CAMs as well but this may be outdated and hence we have asked you for this information.
        Please submit your signature on the link provided to ensure your transactions can be processed seamlessly.
        Hope this helps.
        Kind Regards,
        Manvendra Singh Rathore
        Customer Excellence |

        3. My Reply :
        Pls retrieve the sign from the Centralized KYC Database… There is no difference in the signature.
        Pls confirm…
        Also, you haven’t replied re when you would be setting up a Telephone Support Line ?

        4. Their Reply after 4 days :
        Thanks for your message.
        We are merging your Queries for a streamlined response.
        We will retrieve your signature from the KRA records and do the needful.
        Hope this helps.
        Thanks, Neelabh
        Customer Excellence

  6. Hello Tushar I have a mutual fund portfolio of about 5 lakh at fundsindia with monthly SIP of 2500. Please suggest about how can I switch to direct funds? Can the whole portfolio be transferred to a direct mutual fund platform like paytm or zerodha? If yes what is the procedure?

    • Hi Nilesh, I am on Kuvera and they offer a one click solution to switch the existing portfolio to a direct one.

      After you have registered, there is an option to import portfolio using CAS statement (takes less than 10 minutes).

      Once done, you will be shown your existing fund units which are more than 365 days old. You can directly switch them within Kuvera.

      For units outside the 365 days criteria or the funds which don’t appear in your CAS, you would need to sell them via your existing platform and repurchase them from within Kuvera.

      Here’s my detailed review of Kuvera.

      I am sure PayTM would also be offering something similar. I am not too sure about Zerodha since they hold mutual funds in demat form.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Will add.
      Just for your reference, I am B.E from PEC, Chandigarh and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, and have experience of working in Consulting roles with companies like HCL Tech & McKinsey & Company. Right now, I am involved with startups as well as on a way to start something of my own.

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