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My Goal List For 2018

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I started this blog to pen down my everyday experiences and learnings in my journey from being a wannapreneur to living a life of an entrepreneur.

The short term goal is to become financially free so that I could focus on my long term goal of building something substantial and worthwhile.

So here I am, writing down the goals I have for the year 2018. I have taken utmost care to make these goals as defined and quantitative as possible so that I can measure them at the start of the next year.

It’s my belief that each goal I have identified below takes me closer towards my short term and the long term targets.

1. To follow a healthy routine

As I am aging, I can clearly understand the perspective of maintaining a healthy routine and staying physically fit. There’s no point earning millions at the expense of your health, so this year I am convinced to follow a healthy routine and lifestyle.

Health comes first, everything else is secondary.

I have been a late riser throughout my life; a habit which I am now on a mission to change. My goal for year 2018 is to wake up between 6 am to 7 am for atleast 4 days in a week (atleast during the summer months of April to October) and going for a walk or doing some light exercise/workout for 30 minutes.

Intention is just to remain physically active, agile and age gracefully.

2. To practice meditation regularly

After body comes the mind.

Somewhere during the middle of the year 2017, I started practicing meditation for 30 minutes every day.

I won’t say it worked wonders, in fact it’s difficult to explain any visible benefit.

But it does have some effect on your mind: I could sense a calming sensation after the meditation session, and I long to build further on those experiences.

My belief is that some things in life should be done without any expectation of the end result, and meditation is one of those.

I want to do it just because I want to do it, and I don’t expect anything out of it.

Again, once I am done with my physical workout, I intend to do a 15 minutes meditation session, atleast 4 days in a week. That’s the target.

3. To be patient with people who matter

A calm mind makes you more patient and open to accepting others, an important trait which most of us lack.

As we build new relationships in life, we tend to take the old ones for granted.

There is always an inner circle of people who matter to you the most (your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your children, your close friends etc.), still you tend to ignore them.

This year, it’s my goal to be patient with the people in my inner circle and to connect with them more often, and not to take them for granted.

They hold a special place in my life and it makes sense to display your affection and feelings.

Well I don’t have a metric to measure this goal, so I will leave it as a qualitative field.

4. To build a (side) business with a sustainable average monthly revenue of INR 50K

After health, mind and relationships, now comes the money part.

While I transition from being a wanna preneur to an entrepreneur, building a sustainable source of side income to support my expenses is probably the most important short term goal I have right now.

(FYI: definition of short term for me is 2 years)

In fact, part purpose of this blog is to document my journey, both the successes and the rough patches, while I move full time into my own.

This blog will also provide a direction the fellow wanna preneurs on how to transition to entrepreneurship.

While I am in full time job at the moment, my goal is to build passive income streams of atleast INR 50K per month by the time I reach towards the end of the year 2018.

Towards that, I have been involved in multiple things over the last 1 year (creating RBI Grade B exam preparation courses, GD& PI preparation for IIMs, running personality development program for engineering students).

However, none of these could generate for me a stream of continuous passive income.

These businesses bring in decent revenue during the peak of the season (e.g. January & February for the GDPI preparation classes) and then become dead during the other parts of the year.

But the biggest problem with these businesses is that these are service based industries and the revenue stream is directly proportional to the amount of time I invest.

So now, the idea is to build something that generates passive income for me so that I can be financially free so that I can focus my effort on the things I love doing.

5. To read at least 12 books on personal finance, value investing and business

Leverage is a very important concept, be it in the world of finance or in the world of learning.

You shouldn’t expect to gain all the knowledge in this world by yourself, so you have to bank on the experience and knowledge of others.

That’s the perspective of having a reading list, to learn from people who have ‘been there, done that’. Let’s see how many books I could complete in year 2018. (Here’s my reading list for the year 2018)

6. To learn a new language

I was lucky to spend some part of my life in the three metros of India (Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai) and experience such culturally vibrant and diverse cities. While I enjoyed the culture part (including the food), I missed the opportunity to learn the local language each time (Marathi and Tamil in this case).

Why I term it as a missed opportunity?

Because there was a window to interact with native speakers and learn directly from them.

Learning anything new is always fun and satisfying. In fact, it becomes an ego booster for me, especially when you have so much functional utility of that learning (in this case, the day to day usage of the local language).

So what happened in 2018? Nothing.

But in the past year, I established a very good professional relationship at my office with a German client. Over the past year, we established a great friendship and I realized that this is yet another opportunity to learn a language from a native speaker (in this case German). So here I am, planning to enroll in a German language course and looking forward to practicing some spoken German with this new friend.

My success metric here will be to conduct a complete client call in German language by the end of year 2018.

7. To travel more this year

I believe traveling is always in the to-do list of people of our generation, so how can I be different?

Last year, I did a road trip to Manali and a short business trip to Bhubaneswar.

This year, I have plans to make personal trip to 3 destinations:-

  1. An adventure trip to Leh
  2. A spiritual trip to Hrishikesh or Dharamshala
  3. A backpacking trip to a foreign destination (preferably Bhutan, Sri Lanka or Singapore)

I will write separate blogs on my experience with each of the destinations.

8. To stop the ‘Sin of Gluttony’

Somewhere in the 19th century, the following words were coined by a Russian Bishop

“If you please and pamper your stomach, you will hurl yourself over the precipice of bodily impurity, into the fire of wrath and fury, you will coarsen and darken your mind, and in this way you will ruin your powers of attention and self-control, your sobriety and vigilance.”

You will see that my list of goals for 2018 focuses a lot on the health aspects.

I think my generation is accustomed to ignoring its health until it’s too late. And I am committed to avoiding these mistakes.

I am a firm believer in the principles of Ayurveda and naturopathy; and hold high the basic tenant of Ayurveda that happiness starts from your stomach.

While I was earlier used to stuffing myself during the meals (call it the basic instinct of evolution or just a bad habit), I am now committed to control my hunger and avoid overeating.

Last year, I was successful in controlling my diet but I used to overeat in parties or social outings (just that the spicy food makes me forget my appetite).

This year, it’s my goal to kill this habit of overeating during social gatherings. There’s always enough for your need, but not enough for your greed.


These 8 goals will be my guiding torch towards my journey of financial freedom and entrepreneurship.

I would love to know your goals for this year, and the extent to which you have been able to achieve those. Do leave your goals in the comments below.

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Tushar Jain

Tushar Jain

Tushar Jain is a personal finance enthusiast who loves to talk about money, savings, investments and spending. He blogs about financial wisdom and income growth habits at this blog jaintushar.com. Contact him to say Hi.

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3 thoughts on “My Goal List For 2018”

  1. Hi Tushar,

    Since we are at the end of 2018, I am curious to know about your goal of generating atleast 50k per month side income. Were you able to achieve that? What necessary steps did you take to achieve that goal? Would like to know more.

    • Hi SK, I couldn’t hit the 50K per month mark yet. Though I earned side income in tranches and crossed a one lakh figure overall while keeping my full time job, my recurring monthly revenue seems still some time away. I will pen down my experience and my future plans soon to hit my target.

  2. Very useful and inspiring post for me. Had no goals in mind but after reading this I actually felt the need of few to channelize energy in the right direction 😉

    Here I go :

    1. Changing eating lifestyle and being healthy.
    2. Avoiding stress by being more organized.
    3. Counting my blessings and complaining less
    4. Will try and minimize day-dreaming and utilize that time productively. I have the ability to think of irrelevant stuff; even something I am sure would never happen
    5. Being more patient with my children (2 yr & 32 yr old). Spending more time with them (maybe I get more time if I work on point no.4 :P)

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